Attention Saigonese and all city dwellers, the key to longevity is Lang Biang’s Mountain air.

According to this CNN article, Lerik in southern Azerbaijan is a small mountain town with clean air and the legend of the world’s oldest citizens. A villager is said to have lived until 168 and the town’s oldest citizen is currently 105.

They say this has to do with living in the mountains, fresh air, fresh food, and altitude. 

One could argue there weren’t perfect birth records in the old days, but one thing is sure, there are strength and purpose of the elderly unique to Vietnam. You can see this in the faces of the wise, local K’ho villagers in a visit to Lang Biang.

Come see the strength of the locals and climb to the famous peak of Lang Biang. Try some K’ho sticky rice inside a bamboo shoot from a local K’ho grandma. See the gigantic smiles of a local woman carrying a basket of fresh-picked fruit on her head. Stop at a local K’ho clothing knitter and support a tribal family just across from the local K’ho Coffee farmers. Join the farmers in a day of picking, processing and roasting coffee beans.

It just might add a few years to your life!