Langbiang is a mountain town with a charm that seems caught in a time machine. Tourists in Langbiang can enjoy trekking, hiking, farming, camping, eco-tours and learning about ethnic people and their language.

Langbiang’s peak is about a mile and a half above sea level and enthusiastic trekkers can hike roughly 4 kilometers to the top. There is an affordable jeep for those who know what goes up must come down, and may enjoy the return hike more than a round trip adventure.
Entrance to the park is only 30,000K, about a dollar and a half and serious hikers will enjoy taking the path up on their own.

Dalat is known for flower season and as Vietnam’s honeymoon paradise. Saigonese love to escape the city air and heat, and enjoy Lanbiang’s fresh, cool air with temperatures usually between 50 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10C – 24C.
Photographers can not get enough of the countryside scenery and rustic backdrops, it is enough to fill a social media page for years. However, you’ll want to get away from your devices and take it all in. Opportunities to hear folk stories from the ethnic people will give you insight into the legend of Langbiang and why the local people want to preserve the area from development.
They know what makes Langbiang special and will share the simple way of life that brings them happiness.

The romance is in the air in Langbiang, and the forbidden love story of a boy K’lang from the Lach minority people and the girl Ho-biang of the Chil minority, will win your heart. K’lang apparently met Ho-biang when she was being threatened by a pack of wild foxes. K’lang helped scare the wild pack away and the two fell into love, which was forbidden by the two tribes. They were banished to the mountain top. One day, Ho-biang became ill and K’lang returned to the Chil villagers for help, but they instead shot K’lang with an arrow. The folk story can vary depending on who tells it, but many locals say H0-biang jumped in front of the arrow and they both died together. Regardless, the ending is the same. The fathers felt so guilty about their deaths that they united all of the tribes, Lach, Chil and Sre as one; the Koho people.
Legend has it that the two peaks are where the tombs rose, and are now named after the couple. Welcome to LangBiang Mountain Dalat.


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